What Going to the Gym and Going to Church Have in Common

What Going to the Gym and Going to Church Have in Common

Many people have tried and failed. There are plenty of statistics that prove how difficult this particular thing is to do. I knew that I was against all odds when I began this new season. I knew stepping out beyond the comfortable, convenient and status quo wouldn’t be easy, but this was daunting! It’s amazing how this one piece of equipment, yet so simple to use, can stop motivated, inspired and determined people cold in their tracks. I had to do it, it was my time to shine. After all big results require bold steps of faith...

So I walked right up to that health club door, grabbed the handle and opened it! Yes, I mastered the hardest piece of equipment and most difficult exercise there is at any health and fitness club: The Front Door!

After accomplishing all my rehab goals I could do on my own with walking, I knew I needed something else to push me over my next set of hurdles. So I joined a local health club, which didn’t take long to get me to that all eluding “next level,” and finding myself in a more defined rut than I was before! You see, I was so used to doing my self-imposed routine that I wasn’t really pushing myself to try anything new or better.

The front door was no longer the problem; it was now where do I go from here?

So it was time to up my game! I took the next step and saw a personal trainer – something I never thought I would do! What I quickly realized was that prior to this, I was just coasting and calling it working out! It took someone working with me one on one to really push me to do the things I didn’t think or know I could do! It shouldn’t be so surprising, but it was the individual attention and focus that brought the most change.

This scenario is much like our spiritual lives! Many of us are going through life, doing it on our own and making some progress by doing what we can do to get by. But then we long for that little bit more, so we take a deep breath, brace ourselves and make the plunge, using the “front door” of a local church! Going inside feels funny at first, a little out of place, and we’re not sure what all the hype is about. After a while we’re used the new culture and begin to settle into a routine. But soon after that, it can be easy to start coasting, no longer trying anything new!

Unfortunately, it’s in this place that many people stop pushing, progressing, and growing! But here is where the biggest growth can come! You need a one on one personal trainer. Some call it discipleship, mentorship, coaching or having a spiritual trainer, but what you call it doesn’t matter. What really matters is you that you're moving forward on your spiritual journey!

After someone gets to know you, what you need, your weaknesses and strengths, they can begin to push you to reach your full potential! Then and only then will you be released into the fullness of your personal destiny! There is so much more potential inside of you just waiting to be released!

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result! Yes, this applies to our spiritual lives as well as physical health. So get moving and don’t wait to take your next step of faith to get you where you want to be!