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Starting The Year Off Right

Rick PaladinComment
Starting The Year Off Right

Happy New Year!

You may have heard the old saying, “Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.” It’s just a fact of life! As we enter 2018, you may feel confident and strong like the windshield, ready to conquer anything in your way. You may feel like this is your year and that nothing can stop you! However, many of us may find ourselves feeling like the bug, still searching for direction and wondering where our lives are headed. But no matter which side of the windshield you are on, one thing is constant: our need to take time and start the year off right! 

As we all get back into our routines of everyday life with school, work, kids, church, and activities, I encourage you to do two things before you get too busy: increase devotion and decrease distractions. 

I am continuing to learn the importance of what it means to still my soul in the midst of my hurried everyday life. How important it is to take time daily, weekly and monthly to make sure that my devotion time is really where it should be. Fasting is not the only a way to do this, but is a good way to begin! Fasting (doing without food to focus on spiritual nourishment) is a lost art in our rushed, fast food culture today. I really can’t explain it, but something happens when we say “no” to the physical needs of our body and focus on our spiritual need for God. 

Something I’ve found that helps enhance my fasting experience is to decrease distractions. Turning off social media (well, everything but reading this blog!), secular music and television (yes, including Netflix!), can really help your 2018 get the jump-start that you been looking for. These changes do not constitute fasting, but they are good disciplines that, when put into practice, can help us start the year off right.

So go ahead and mark your calendar! What can you do to increase devotion? What book have you been wanting to read? What conversation have you been wanting to have but haven’t gotten around to? What spiritual discipline have you been wrestling with but have yet to improve upon? Still your soul and start off your day right. 

The second part of the plan, decreasing distractions, is just as important. What needs to be turned off for a season? It’s amazing what happens when all the white noise decreases and worship is all you hear. It’s amazing how clear the voice of God can really become! 

There is no time like now and no one like you to make it all happen. You can do this! It sure isn’t easy, but it really is simple! 

Isaiah 50:4
The Sovereign Lord has given me his words of wisdom,
so that I know how to comfort the weary.
Morning by morning he wakens me
and opens my understanding to his will.